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(Last Updated: March 4, 2016)
  • Spellcraft & Swordplay is undergoing a major revision and will soon be re-launched with a full-fledged second edition, focused on gritty play in the style of classic swords and sorcery in the style of authors like Robert E. Howard, Fritz Lieber and Clark Ashton Smith. The original version will remain available via print on demand, but we hope our fans will embrace the new effort!
  • Upcoming offerings from Elf Lair Games: In addition to S&S second edition, we are working on a line of adventure modules, a set of miniatures war game and skirmish rules and (potentially) some licensed products using another popular gaming system. More on that as we have details.
  • Elf Lair Publishing will soon launch our new quarterly periodical, Shadows & Masks, a literary magazine in the style of the old dime novels, penny dreadfuls and pulps of the late 19th through mid-20th century. Featuring a range of publications in a wide variety of genres from authors both new and established, we're looking to bring short-form pulp-style genre fiction back to the general public! Watch for the Kickstarter coming soon.
  • Along with the new magazine will come a redesign and re-branding of this page. Elf Lair Games and its sister line, Elf Lair Publishing, will both be grouped under the umbrella of Elf Lair, LLC. We are excited about this development and will keep you posted as things progress!
  • Regarding our old Lulu Store: The versions of Spellcraft & Swordplay available on Lulu are very old and outdated versions of the game. Until I joined Drivethrurpg, my company store was on Lulu.com. I left the Lulu files active at the request of some fans who wanted the support to remain available through that site for the old versions that they had purchased. They still work just fine and are compatible with the current versions on DTRPG; the DTRPG versions are simply more detailed and expanded. Elf Lair Games WILL not be supporting these old editions in the future.

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