Elf Lair Games - The new class of old school!

Welcome to the New Class of Old School!

Elf Lair Games is an "upstart" publisher of unique tabletop roleplaying games. Our flagship product, Spellcraft & Swordplay, is available via print-on-demand and e-book download from DriveThruRPG.com and RPGNow (see "DTRPG" link, above) and we have a number of other game products--role playing and "do-it-yourself" board games--in development. Stay tuned.

We are in some ways tied to the "old school" movement, but we like to think that our product has a much broader appeal, combining modern design philosophy with old-school sensibility. Jason Vey, President and owner, has been freelancing in the RPG industry for over ten years, and has authored for such notable companies as Palladium Books, Misfit Studios, Eden Studios, and Troll Lord Games. Our experience and love for a more open, free style of gaming makes us uniquely qualified to be a leader in what we have termed "The New Class of Old School!"

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